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Relational Intelligence Ongoing Class
Wednesdays 10a – 12p PST
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Composing Emergence Mentorship
Next session starts April 2022
6 month session – Only 8 places

Pontadera, Italy: April 6-8
Spazio Nu

London, England: May 29-30
Independent Dance

Hebdon Bridge, England June 2-3
Wainsgate Dance

Berlin, Germany: June 6-8
Academie Somatische

Berlin, Germany: June 10-12

Devon, England: dates tbd
Independently Organized

Totes, England: June 26-30
Dartington College

Mindfulness as Motion 

Transformative practices of physical attention and relational intelligence for dance and everyday life

My students and clients are dancers, artists, people involved in mindfulness practices, and those for whom physical presence is an important place of personal investigation in all relations.

Nita is my Teacher. Capital T. I’ve discovered, under her guidance, a joy and clarity of being that reaches far beyond my practices as a dancer and teacher.  Her brilliance is in awakening people’s intrinsic yearning for aliveness in mind and body.”  – GS




“Moving at the speed of our attention, the present moment unfolds in immeasurable possibility and activates our ability to communicate and co-create our world.”

Nita Little

Nita Little – at a glance

50 years an activist for embodied practices

International Touring Artist, Dance Innovator, Performer, Choreographer, Teacher ­– developing new physical practices of relationship through Dance and Contact Improvisation.

23 years a life coach

Working with individuals while developing technologies of change in actions of the mindbody and thought.

7 years a PhD scholar, theorist, writer, and international speaker ­

Unfolding the BodyMind as one action of creative attention.

5 years directing the international Institute for the Study of Somatic Communication ­

Researching non-verbal actions of communication through BodyMind practices that lead to emergent phenomenon in individuals and groups.

Mindfulness As Motion:

I teach skills of embodied communication that center on the  relationship of people and their environments – self and other, self and world.

My teaching and coaching is guided by knowledge of our ability to generate mutually productive and joyful relations of good-will across differences of identity, knowledge, embodiment, and purpose.

Working both through the window of the mind and through the window of the body I bring people into articulate and vital modes of presence that condition right-relations with one another and with that which we each determine we most care about.


Nita’s coaching always delights me by being exactly what I need even when I don’t quite know what I want at the start of a session. I show up, share the questions I’m currently stuck on, and Nita is able to help me locate those questions within the larger picture of my life. She helps orient me into ways of perceiving, considering, and paying attention that have liberated me to move through the world with a more embodied, purposeful, and joyous sense of a self.” – NM   

“I need places like this to dig deeper into ideas that then live in my body from then on – less of a mental carryover into my practices, but more of a habit of being that carries over. That’s what I love about this class in particular is that I feel like I am cultivating these deeper habits of existing that then I can’t help but bring into my creation.” – IB

“Nita’s teaching and presence have informed my embodiment – the way I move, the way I direct my attention, and the moment-to-moment choicemaking about how and who I am in the world. Her teaching is generous, sharp, honest, and…magical.” – GS

“All of our relations in the world are defined and organized by our capacity for physical attention which includes our relations with ourselves, the meeting of our conscious and subconscious faculties. ”

Nita Little