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Nita Little

Nita Little is a dance activist for relational intelligence, a purpose which began with her participation in the emergence and development of Contact Improvisation (CI). Specializing in dance improvisation as a choreographic, performance, and research form, Nita works to shape dancer’s physical attention in order to investigate the technical and creative potentials of embodiment.

Nitas work with Steve Paxton was an integral part of the early development of CI, (1972). She continues to be significant in its development.  A performer, teacher, choreographer, scholar and theorist, Little is based in Seattle, USA and has taught and lectured on five continents.

Nita has a PhD in Performance Studies from UC/Davis and her writing investigates ecological actions of tactile attention and the creative potentials present in entangled relations. In 2016 she initiated a global project, The Institute for the Study of Somatic Communication (ISSC) populated by dance researchers working collaboratively in ensembles together with researchers from a wide variety of science and humanity based disciplines.

Being resourceful and wise in the ways we are together with others and the world, begins with how we live within our own bodies. It is through our embodiment, our physical life, that we can know and share the essence of our being in the world.

Nita Little

As a touring dance artist specializing in improvisational forms, she introduces ideas of embodiment as the ecological articulation of presence, the physicality of directed attention, and the flexibility of self-sensing that makes moving important to knowing different forms of intelligence. Her work impacts students and audiences on a number of continents.

Nita Little is an improvisational choreographer who is interested in the articulation of presence. Bringing together Contact Improvisation and contemporary dance movement, her work emphasizes states and levels of attention which she scores as the means to derive dancers movement relationships and materials.

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