Mindfulness as Motion 

Transformative practices of physical attention and relational intelligence for dance and everyday life


In addition to being deeply immersed in embodied physical practices, I work with actions of thought and the emotional states that they produce, whether they interrupt your ability to be in relations with others, accomplish tasks and stay on purpose, or enjoy other aspects for ease in living.

I understand how to change minds, not just bodies. I have been in private practice as a coach for over twenty-three years and also have a PhD that knits these two fields together.

My private practice is now open to all individuals seeking support and direction in making personal change to resolve issues, blocks, or worries that hold you or your relationships back. Sign up for a free consultation.


Online, Wednesdays

New season: September 1

This class expands people’s physical attention in order to investigate the technical and creative potentials of embodiment Рespecially in our relations with the human and more than human worlds.

A drop in class, our work is always generative of thoughtful well-being and joy. Relational Intelligence is taught through individual investigations of scores that direct attention and articulate specific principles or modalities rather than by training specific actions. I work with dance improvisation as a choreographic, performance, and research form. .

Always, our work is informed by the dance form Contact Improvisation, while our core concerns are the tactile nature and embodiment of physical attention, the articulation of presence, and non-verbal communication, especially that which leads us into communion. Our work is physical, technical, and theoretical so we both move and talk.

Everyone is welcome to this class, both trained and untrained dancers.

We are blessed to be supported with live music by, Miles Wilder!


Online, 6 weeks

New session starts September 13

This six-week dance composition mentorship is for people interested in creative acts of relations. The program includes class time and private meetings with me. It is for movement artists, directors and storytellers interested in the process of scoring presence.

Explore how embodying attention and intention can be the roots from which content is generated and form is refined. Our January program was hugely generative! Our second program is currently in process. Next programs are Fall 2021 and Winter 2022.

Contact me for deeper information and if you are interested in joining us.


4 week Workshop includes private coaching

This program is for people who want to knit together their MINDFULNESS PRACTICE together with their PHYSICAL and CREATIVE vitality.

This individually designed program includes one or two weekly hour- long online group practice sessions together with a one hour weekly meeting with Nita to support your personal physical vision and mindfulness goals.


With nearly 50 years developing and performing this emergent dance form, Contact Improvisation forms the base of every other practice Nita engages in. A master teacher, Nita works worldwide with pros and beginners alike with unequalled technical and philosophical depth.