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The Principles of Contact Improvisation

Born in a sea of touch, contact improvisation is a dance that was formed from the inside out. Sensation was translated as information and converted to waves of movement, flesh developed eyes with penetrating sight, and interpretive skills arose that enabled dancers to read the floor beneath their partner's feet while surfing on their shoulders! Underlying the fluid action of CI are principles that govern the relationship of moving bodies, and the physical and mental states of the dancers. Since its inception, the pioneers of the form have worked to reveal these essentials rather than to frame and determine specific actions, pathways or defined "steps". Like deep secrets, these principles represent the core wisdom of Contact Improvisation. Mastery of the form and entrance into the joys of liquid freedom come with fluency in these essentials. This class is an opportunity to learn CI skills through integration of these principles from one of the original pioneers of this dance form. This class is appropriate and encouraged for dancers of all skill levels, for beginners as well as those wishing to deepen and clarify their study of CI.

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