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Dancing the Edge

The edge is found where opposites meet and where seeming contradictions unite to create something greater.

This class facilitates dancers to stretch their creative abilities and reach their artistic goals in the realms of set and improvised dancing. The process stimulates tremendous range in their work- emotionally, expressively, physically and creatively. Through potent structures, we will draw out each dancer's emotional and physical integrity, develop conceptual material, narrate stories, create dramatic characterizations and follow the dynamic interplay between inner and outer space.

Working on the level of embodied mind will break open our compositional vision and our ability to read the expressive power implicit in body language and in each moving moment. We will map out the perception of meaning by manipulating movement moments using both the internal action of mind, and the external application of media (sound, spoken word, visual elements, props, costumes, etc.).

Through generous and respectful personal feedback, we will support an atmosphere of mutual curiosity and individual inquiry. We will clarify and enhance the meeting ground of expression and function, where the universal in us all meets personal experience. This project will address each student's cutting edge of artistic development both personally and professionally.

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