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Ecology in motion: Articulating Presence in Contact Improvisation

This CI workshop trains our body as a mind and asks us to develop attentional actions in changing fields of physical motion. Based in physical principles, it asks dancers to experience the dance on many levels of physicality. It is ecologically immersive and practices the dynamics of presence. We will understand physical awareness through synesthetic practices and develop our peripheral intelligence in order to speed our responsivity and our ability to act with its unique thought forms. We will discover our dance is co-extensive with one another and with our environments. Our work will be twofold: first, with the bodymind as an extending dynamic, we practice communicating through the various levels of touch so that contact is clear, use of force is specific, and interplay is dynamic. Then, we will develop our ability to change the scales upon which we perceive, enunciate and enact touch from the very small to the very large. This work impacts our creative material while interrupting repetitive physical patterns. Articulating Presence as a practice means that our dances become dynamically woven within one another and our environments which allows us to move with responsivity and speed. Being flexible by changing the scale of motion we learn to communicate as ecosystems, changing our organization within each moving moment. Our goal is to understand the brilliance that we bring to dance as each moment unfolds more of what we are and what we can be. This is a technical skills class that works the full creative system: body as mind, solo thru ensemble dances. Intermediate/advanced.

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