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Directed Attention and Tools for Creative Action
Wherever and however our attention is directed … there, creative action will follow. Using this presupposition as a starting point, this movement workshop investigates a variety of ways that attention conducts creative action, is determinative of self-sense, and sets the grounds for interactive action. Through duet and ensemble movement we will explore ways we mutually construct creative articulations of selfhood. Through movement practices that meld contemporary dance and contact improvisation we will come to recognize an ecological reciprocity in the making of the space of the self, the environment, and the dance: we will discover ways to be danced. Deconstructing the activity of presence, (presencing) we will build resonant webs of awareness derived from movement scores that direct and modulate attention as the bases for compositional structures. This workshop is part of Nita’s developing physical and verbal lexicon which deconstructs and articulates embodied states in physical practice and performance. Although the work is oriented toward dancers it offers valuable material for all performing artists who are interested in highly physical states of interaction and creative involvement. A physical philosopher, Nita is known for her exceptional specificity in distinguishing actions of the embodied mind and bringing clarity to the body in motion. This workshop will build technical, attentional, and creative skills.

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