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Crowdsourcing: Contact Improvisation, 40 years of Emergence

Contact Improvisation resists codification and thus is an emergent practice; worldwide teachers individually and collectively invent the form. Inventions and the means by which they emerge are integral to the depth of its progress as both a technical dance form and an international social practice. This workshop views Contact Improvisation’s growth in part as a result of crowdsourcing made possible by reconsidering pedagogic expertise. It will look at the growth in dancer’s abilities that sustain greater complexity and detail in three areas: communicative means, time and spatial practices, and the embodiment of flexible attentional (i.e. states) capacities. Looking at 40 years in the development of Contact Improvisation, this workshop moves its participants through a decade-by-decade progression that considers Contact’s physical inquiry into what constitutes the bodymind and the parameters of dance. The emphasis of our practice will define and train CI’s most progressive frontiers. This workshop is designed for CI dancers who wish to understand their place in a moving system, while setting the ground for a future they will be a part of.

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