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Clarifying the Conversation in Contact Improvisation:

This workshop focus’ on achieving our most resonant duet dances. A workshop that can meet dancers at their own skill level, student will learn multiple levels of physical communication in three steps:

 1.  Developing clarity in individual movement: By looking at the soloist within the Contact Improvisation duet we will train and expand individual technical movement skills. This works clarifies the canvas of the dance.

2.  Clarifying cuing skills: By building upon individual skills we can enhance the information exchanged between partners, identify the subtleties of cuing, and register the distinctions between weight, force, and mental action.

 3.  Modulating the modalities of knowing: While being focused on the physical conversation, we will learn to know the dance in multiple ways through synesthetic shifts in our attentional states. These skills give us choice in our knowing of the dance so that we have many ways of being danced and dancing.

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