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A master teacher, Nita tours internationally on a regular basis teaching in College, University, Festival, and Dance Centers as well as with Dance Companies worldwide. her work spans Contemporary and Contact Improvisational practices and focus' on a variety of areas of concern from the development of technical movement skills, to body based compositional and creative tools, performance and materials detailing presence, and those that explicitly realize the mind in motion, the dance of embodied states. Nita is a physical philosopher, known for her exceptional specificity in distinguishing actions of the embodied mind and bringing clarity to the body in motion.

Further information regarding her teaching is available upon request. Her Teaching Philosophy is available below along with a partial list of classes and workshops in Nita's touring curriculum; click titles for course descriptions.

Crowdsourcing: Contact Improvisation, 40 years of Emergence

Ecology in Motion: Clarifying the movement landscape by changing levels and scales of action

The Language of Touch: Moving beyond two

Ecology in motion: Articulating Presence in Contact Improvisation


Directed Attention and Tools for Creative Action


Bodies that Speak

Clarifying the Conversation in Contact Improvisation

The Articulation of Attention and the Making of Movement Tones:

Dancing the Edge

In Touch: A Contact Improvisation Skills Class

The Contactor's Guide to the Universe: Focus on Principles

The Heart of the Matter: Having Choice

The informed Body: Beyond dance/The invisible CI skills

The Mind in Motion

The Principles of Contact Improvisation

The Quest for Grace

The UnseenKnown: A class in active Presencing

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Teaching in Israel

Nita teaching Impulstanz

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